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  • The "DJ Grey" Package

    You get:

  • DJ Grey who has over twenty years of experience and an established reputation.

  • A choice from a large selection of light and sound equipment (and music too) to suit your particular event.

    There are bubble machines, lazer lights, disco LEDs which respond to the beat or can be pre-set if needed for staging, fog machines, turntables, amplifiers, LED TVs and multiple microphones for Karaoke.

    To buy all this equipment from scratch would cost you upwards of $100,000.00 - but is available to you at one low price - GST included!

    Book now and save hundreds of dollars on equipment alone with an experienced hand to set it up, run it, pack it away, and thrill your guests.

    Your Event - Your Way

    DJ Grey will be with you all the way. DJ Grey will help plan to make your entire event spectacular.

    Plan your event anywhere. You can arrange for a mobile set-up or plan to hold it at a particular location - from beach resorts to clubs, local schools to five star hotels.

    Perfect for events ranging all the way from Australia's far South Coast to Bateman's Bay and inland to Cooma in New South Wales.

    Tailor the music to your event. Your guests can make requests out of thousands of songs from a range of decades and styles - rock, disco, pop, RnB, rap, ballads, country, musical numbers, 50s,60s,70s,80s,90s, music from the current millennium and more.

    With over 100,000 songs, DJ Grey will help you cater to a particular theme.

  • Limousine Sevices

    Arrive in style!

    Get a limo for your party dude!